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Makeup Movie Monday

When I worked in an office as a production coordinator I found the best way to motivate my staff (I had one. There was me and one boy in the office) was to watch tv shows online while we worked. It was a great plan.

We started the week off with Mighty Mondays (we watched the Mighty Boosh). And Wednesday was (naturally) the Inbetweener day.

So, I guess I'm following that up with Makeup Monday. Makeup videos I think are awesome. Starting with the video Illamasqua put out last week. Enjoy!

What are you going to be?


New Set Up

Last year at IMATS, I worked at Yaby's booth with Liz Yu, Jessica/Babetron Jean Meyers and Seema Haider and we were discussing how we carry our makeup about. At the time I was using a Betsy Johnson rolling lap top bag; which is great. Though recently, while strolling through Home Depot I found a silver case like the one that Seema said she preferred. On a whim I bought it.

And I have to say... this is what organization heaven feels like.

My concern was that it was going to be too heavy. In my excitement I purchased one without a shoulder strap - so I will definitely need to correct that in the near future. And I'll be honest, it is heavier. But I'll take a few extra poundage (trust me - I can handle it) for the ability to finally be able to work out of my case. 

I have made a few modifications. I cut out some of the holders on the brush compartment. I acquired a piece of foam for the bottom as everything moved around too much with just the adjustable pieces. And I added on some additional brush storage. But it looks great and not as ghetto as I just made it sound.

I'll give you a sneak peak, just because I'm so proud. But I'm planning a bigger kit post for after IMATS when I've fully restocked for the year. woot woot!


Sometimes when I'm alone...

I pretend to be a drag queen.

Regardless, my eyebrow blocking skills need some work.

I can't wait for Halloween. 


Nail of the Day

I picked up some American Apparel nail polishes this weekend after reading so many fantastic reviews.

I bought butter, mouse and peacock. That evening I put butter on before bed and before noon the next day it was chipped. I was so bummed. 

Sunday night I gave it another shot with a base coat and a top coat and I'm still proudly wearing mouse with a peacock stripe. The nail polish has a wicked consistency and is totally opaque in two coats (light shades like butter took three). It holds up well and looks great. Woot woot.

I Love Your Laugh

One of my gorgeous clients has just released a book!

In this hilarious memoir, Jessica Holmes, a fan favourite on the hit shows The Holmes Show and Royal Canadian Air Farce, offers her witty observations on everything from her eclectic upbringing by a right-wing, Mormon father and a feminist mother, to her experiences as a missionary in Venezuela, to her own trial-and-error adventures in childrearing. Delving into personal experiences never discussed before, Holmes reveals her struggle to find laughter off-stage and spins comedy gold from her fumbles. The combination makes for an inspirational, heartwarming, and thoroughly side-splitting treat.


Willow Smith is kind of my hero...

I don't know where to begin. 

The super kawaii nails? The silver lashes? THE SPLATTER PAINT HAIR FLIPPIN'!!!!

I don't care if she enunciates like a dog with peanut butter on the roof of it's mouth, this video is uh-maz-ing (though in all fairness... the speakers are bad and 10 year olds generally don't make great music so I was barely listening).


I want to be this kids friend. Or her baby sitter. Or her makeup artist. It's hard to say where I fit in her life....


Making Mistakes.

She walked on stage, taking her place on a too-high stool and I saw it. Flyaways. Not just any flyaways. Her fringe had parted leaving a piece sticking straight up. STRAIGHT UP. I clenched the can of aero-gel in my hand but it was too late. We were live. I couldn’t yell, “stepping in” and fix my mistake. The cameras were rolling and there were no second chances. I sat back and watched what would’ve otherwise have been an enlightening interview but I was transfixed on that piece of hair. Surely my career, and probably my life were over.

In the beginning particularly while I was building my portfolio, clients or talent would get out of my chair and I would think, “I wish I had a redo.” It wasn’t just during moments of big slip ups either. Days after shoots I would see images of my work and tear it apart. It took me ages to build a portfolio because I trashed everything. I had an amazing ability to find fault in anything from the smallest eyebrow hair to the slightest shadow crease.

If, from time to time, you feel like you’ve come down with an over active case of the crazies, I have some advice. While I still have the tendency to ignore any merit in my work, I have learnt to relax. Whenever I think I have failed myself, the entire production crew and possibly the world, I stop. Take a breath and reassess. I will always by my own worst critic. But at least I’ve learnt to build a bridge between being critical and being realistic.

First things first, consider the situation, If you’re seeing the proofs from a photo shoot you’re in luck. The magic of editing might be able to save you. You should never rely on it but appreciate its existence when needed. If an error occurred at a live event, well photoshop can’t save you. But before you end it all, consider this; your client, whether a bride or talent, got out of your chair seeing exactly what you did. Chances are, the negative thing you are fixated on is not something that means as much to them. Of course, you should strive for perfection but you also have to let go and realise a misplaced bobby pin doesn’t make the memories. The bulk of my job has less to do with perfection and more to do with confidence; confidence which exists in spite of flyaways.

Part of being realistic is realising that some things are out of your control. Following a final spray of aero-gel, you have little say over your client putting her hair behind her ears out of habit. And some people, despite countless warning, can’t keep their fingers away from their face; lipstick be damned. You can’t beat yourself up over these things and you have to believe that your clients won’t either. You are, after all, working with humans; habitually imperfect beings.

Keep in mind, not all mistakes are bad. You can easily find the silver lining in most errors. After all my world didn’t crumble around me following the great hair spray disaster of 20-10 and you can bet that I won’t make that mistake again. Every time I’ve done something that made me cringe, whether a case of being neurotic or not, I’ve gotten better at my job. Lets not get it twisted. Don’t run around making mistakes to see what lessons and epiphanies come from it. But remember to relax, accept what happens and get it right the next time ‘round.


Illamasqua and Mizz Worthy Art of Darkness Part Three

I'm not sure if this counts as one entry or two... because there are two faces... but only half of them count.....

So, my third and final (or perhaps third and fourth) entry to the Illamasqua and Mizz Worthy competition are the Siamese Twins.

When coming up with characters for a dinner party I immediately though that there needed to by a story teller. But I also wanted to provide a set of twins. And I couldn't decide whether the story teller should be reviled and reveled. So become the Siamese Twins; one a charlatan and the other a raconteur, neither will admit which is which and who is who. 

My fabulous roommate Dru and his wicked hot girlfriend, Heather, posed for these photos and I couldn't be more grateful to not have to take images of myself. These two are super babes.

One of my favourite books, is Geek Love. And when I saw the Art of Darkness collection, I pictured parts of this book. I won't give too much away, but I have to add, my inspiration for the characters, the siamese twins, came from this book. Even though, again, without giving too much away, the twins in Geek Love are totally different. Anyways - get the book. It's awesome.

Illamasqua and Mizz Worthy Art of Darkness Part Two

And here my sweet ones, is my second attempt at the Illamasqua and Mizz Worthy Art of Darkness competition.

My second character is, the fortune teller.

Travelling from city to city with the Queen of the Gypsies, the Fortune Teller earns a living manipulating peoples futures for the worst with her dishonorable glass ball readings. 

Again, trying to continue the colours used in the Art of Darkness collection I was totally lured into my colour choices with OCC pigments and Lip Tar. 

It's so strange to see my face so done up! The advantage is that I'm going out tonight and plan to thoroughly enjoy wearing a fortune teller inspired face.

Illamasqua and Mizz Worthy Art of Darkness Part One

Well friends, this is a first for me.

Illamasqua has had several contests online and everytime Mizz Worthy posts about one, I star it in my reader, tell myself I absolutely must enter, and then promptly forget until the date of submission has passed.

But not this time. I'm sneaking in right before the doors close.

Here is the first of a few submissions to the contest. The premise was to create a character that could join the cast of the Art of Darkness for dinner.

Without further adieu... Mistress Menthe.

A secret lover to Hades, Menthe is like the colour and the scent of her namesake. I've always seen mint green as a royal colour; it is rich and deep but delicate. When I began the look I picked up colours from the Art of Darkness collection; rich golds, blues and reds but through out the application I kept picking up a mint green pigment from OCC and I couldn't put it down. So I let the colour influence the character.

I have to say... I feel like a giddy teenager right now. I'm so accustom to pampering clients that I forget what makeup used to be about for me. The days when I would sit on my bedroom floor, a picture of Marilyn Manson in front of me (oh Paul Starr, you brilliant man, you. RIP), trying to emulate his makeup.... wow. That was revealing.

But boy oh boy; that was hard. Forgive the terrible lighting/ pictures. Turns out, I am definitely not meant to be a photographer. Or a model. haha. Wish me luck!


Nail of the Day

Here's what I got up to this evening between naps, veggie tacos and the new episodes of The Office and Inbetweeners.


Do Not Want.

Good news Beiber freaks.

The little Ontario-born man is branching off into the adventurous world of nail polish with Nicole by OPI. Word on the street (by which I mean, online....) is that come December 2010, little Bieb's will have some chunky sparkly goo available at Wal Mart. The following year... even better news... it'll be widely available, shipping to Ulta and Target in the states as well.

With names like Step 2 the Beat of My Heart and One Less Lonely Girl (pictured below) you know this is going to be... well, like every other celebrity collaboration. Celebrities are awesome.

Next up... Ashley Readings brand carburetors.


I'm turning older.

October 10th is my 25th birthday.
I intend to spend the morning eating crepes, smothered in sugar and lemon. The afternoon will be spent lounging on the couch with the bf by my side and the puppy at my feet. That evening, I will eat large quantities of Indian food with my family and kindest of friends followed by cake and an evening of wii. In hula hoop, I will be a calorie roaster. And perhaps, my roommate will let me win, even though we all know he hula hoops like a champion.
The next morning, it won’t be my birthday anymore. When asked, I will tell people that I am in my mid twenties as it will then be official. I will make decisions with consideration to the future as well as respect for the past. There will be more neutrals in my closet and less sparkle in my eyeshadow. I will no longer be able to fool myself into believing that a chocolate bar is part of any meal. I will, at long last, have to consider myself an adult. Much to my dismay.
If you have read this blog for awhile, you will notice, everything has changed. Just as everything always changes. Only this time, it’s different. I am hoping to infuse this blog, just as my life, with a little more focus and dedication.
Please keep reading. I promise there will be just as many pictures of the puppy as always.