Tell me the truth.

Where have you applied makeup, outside of your home?

I'm not saying I'm proud. I'm just saying it happens.

Any guesses where I attempted to discreetly apply a touch of foundation this morning?


Mereadesso - Face and Neck Toning Gel

A few weeks ago I found myself at my very first gifting lounge at the Stylus Awards. To be clear, I was working, but it was a gifting lounge none the less. While there, I was introduced to Mereadesso, a skin care line that boasts 'one step, one product, for every woman.' In the spirit of a one step process, even the company's name, which translates to Mother Now, is a nod to the time crunched mum who created it.

Linda Stephenson, the creator of Mereadesso, a chemist from U of T and a 22 year veteran of the beauty industry (MAC and Estee Lauder). But looking at her skin, you would have to assume she started working at the age of six. Nothing is a better business card for Mereadesso than Linda herself. Besides her flawless skin, this lady knows her stuff and doesn't hesitate to talk about it.

Let's be real, guys. When someone starts talking to me about their new miracle cream my brain shuts off and my eyes start to roll. I've worked in cosmetics and I know the reality between what is said and how it works. I am a skeptic.

So let's get this out of the way right now - Mereadesso is different. Within three minutes of meeting Linda, I knew I had to have the Face and Neck Toning Gel.

The Mereadesso girls told me about the globally sourced ingredients. The botanicals. The antioxidants. They promised me a 'wow' in 5-10 uses. I expected to like it but, again with the eye roll. I'm young. I take care of my skin. You know I'm not one for bragging... but I don't need that much 'work!'

Five days later? Yeah. That's a wow.

Pores? Tighter. Makeup? Lasts longer. Redness? Neutralized.

Just before I started using Mereadesso, I thought I had reached my personal pinnacle of skin perfection. I was wrong. I have never liked my skin as much as I do now.

Things I love most?
- Check out the ingredients list. The chorophyl is not to knock you out. It's to knock out redness. True story.
- I pump in a bit of my Anna Sui foundation for the sweetest, lightest and longest lasting tinted moisturiser. EVER.
- My skin feels tighter. And somehow, younger. I keep touching it to see if it's dry but it's not. It's kinda perfect.
- I'm so thrilled that Mereadesso is now replacing MUFE's elixir and Embryolisse in my makeup kit.

And lets not even talk about how cute their videos are!


It's been a long day.



Long train rides and pushing old ladies to get a seat

I'm not saying I've done it... I'm just saying I could understand how you sink to that level.....

I've been taking the subway from all the way in the East end to all the way in West end for two weeks now and I gotta be honest; long subway rides spent standing with a very full lap top bag can bring out the worst in people. Like the shovey, aggressive, intolerant worst. It's not that I've knocked down an old lady per say... it's just that I think if I'm forced to stand the entire way there again, it could happen. So don't judge me? K?

However, I've had a streak of luck this week as last night and this morning, sans shoving, I actually managed to snag a seat. Though I thought that would greatly improve my day, in reality, it's been the stellar magazines accompanying me on these long rides that has truly lifted my spirits.

Exhibit A:

A/W 2011 IN BEAUTY - My semi-annually magazine love. At $50/pop it's a good thing they oly come out twice a year because I'll be honest - I would buy 10 copies a year if they were there. This is the it magazine for all things hair and makeup. Next time you see it - grab it! It's a limited yet very popular magazine. Just make sure I've already got mine before you go taking the last one. K?

Enjoy my shots below!



Shellac Attack

A few months ago my mum and I decided to give Shellac a try. We headed to Luxe in Yorkville for the most expensive and stellar manicure of my life. 

And now I am unfortunately hooked.

The manicure itself at Luxe is fantastic. They boast a waterless treatment that saves the nails from the damage of soaking in water. Using Love Fresh products that smell and feel wonderful, I experienced none of the complaints that I've had with Love Fresh in the past (greasy and colour staining) which makes me think that I've just come across bad batches of the stuff. My manicurist was truly gentle and made my cuticles and skin look great for weeks. Normally I find manicurist's can get carried away with the cuticle trim and then two days later my hands are red and peeling. Not so cute. Not to mention how quiet Luxe is. Lets be honest; I spend all day talking to clients. When I am one, it's my time to just keep quiet and turn my brain off. I appreciate when someone allows me to do that. 

Here's the DL on Shellac. It's a UV cured nail polish. Applied only in salons. And the big deal - it lasts two weeks. As in, it stays on your nails. Your nails don't become weak. And it doesn't chip, nick or scratch off. Oh yeah... and as soon as it's cured (which takes like... thirty seconds!) it's dry. Like super hard dry. Like stick your hand in purse to get your wallet dry. Like do the dishes that night dry. Not that I would know about that last one....

The downside, and the reason I consider myself unfortunately hooked, is the cost. I'm not a regular manicure type of girl. I do way more mani's at home and I do a decent job. But Shellac is only available in salon which makes it cost more. 

The second time I had shellac on my nails was a week ago (and it's still just as glossy and beautiful as it is in the pictures) was at a salon in Scarborough and only cost $35. The didn't even charge me for the reverse french mani! Woot woot Scarborough!!!

So go do it? K?



I love Sundays. And organising.

I have been working less Sundays recently... not quite sure how that happened but I'm enjoying it all the same. Now that all the craziness at my house is over and done with (for now) I'm actually able to appreciate these Sundays off. Which has perfectly coincided with the beautiful Toronto weather.

This morning started off sweet and slow with a spot of brunch with the Mister. Followed by a big ol' waffle cone filled with a giant scoop of chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Nothing is better than chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Nothing. K?

My favourite gal, Heather, and I had plans to check out cross stitch supplies for a blossoming new hobby but once we set foot in the local Michaels, my mind wandered elsewhere.

Here's the thing... I love love love organising. That is not to say I am always organised, but please know, my intentions are good. Whenever I get to a Michaels (which is seldom) I head to the little bins that hold little things and think of ways to fill them with the little things I have. Which is often makeup or hair related. The scrapbook section always has the nicest looking little thing holders!

Today I picked up a little acrylic box with little acrylic jars in it that is meant to hold beads. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had found my loose colours a new home.

Here's the other thing... loose pigments, though I love them, never join me on jobs because they make such a terrible mess. Without fail, one lid will be loose and the next time I open my kit, everything is green. Or gold. Or some other form of way too shiny. I only take them on specific creatives and I generally keep them in a closed bag, in a plastic bag, in my purse. Far far away from the trappings of my kit.

But now... they have a home.


Yes. I have four different shades of white. And no. For some reason, I have zero purples. There are five more spaces that will be full or purples/ blacks. Realistically, the jars are the same (just smaller) as the OCC jars. But it's the box that they are contained it which holds the magic. Because now when I absent mindedly screw a lid on without ensuring it is tight, the rectangular box lid won't close. And if it does, it will hold the exploded colour within it. No green kit. 

Oh yeah. Then Heather and I got pretzels.



Too Late Update.

May has been absolutely bonkers. Photo shoots. Wedding Shows. BRIDES BRIDES BRIDES. Sweet girls for prom and so much work at blo. Mega changes at home which have seen me move into my parents basement for the month of June. Burritos. School. Night classes. More writing. Shellac nails!!!! UNITE at blo - amazing products. Sleeping on a couch. Waking up too early. Working too hard. Staying up too late. Doing nothing on a Saturday night. And that's a good thing.



So This is Love... introducing Hair Romance

I stumbled across Hair Romance this morning as I browsed the interwebs and I seriously fear that I will not get any work done until I 1. read every single post ever written on here and 2. buy and devour her e-book.

These are troubling times my friends; I have a lot of work to do.

So do yourself a favour, hope on over to Hair Romance and buy her book, read her blog, and send her some internet love. Because any girl who can come up with 31 hairstyles in 31 days for herself, has earned it, in my opinion. And, no big deal because her book is SO well priced, but there is a 20% discount for the month of June. Check it out. K?