Happy Valentines Day Little Bunnies.

Skip the reservations and don't go out to dinner. Forget the cheap heart shaped candy and ridiculously packaged chocolate. But do most definitely tell someone how much you love them.

A naked baby with wings has nothing to do with me being in love but I do so enjoy this song.


For my sweet.

And that's how you do Valentine's Day.
brap brap.


30 Days Later...

I started this year looking forward to a break and the second week of January, that's what I got. Four beautiful, consecutive days at home. Time to sleep, work out, cook and breathe, breathe, breathe. But before exhaling, I was back at work, meetings with photographers and planning plans for bigger plans. I feel like this year is going to be a lot about work. I'm consistently busy. Since starting freelancing, this month, a February at that, will be my busiest month to date. I'm elated, overwhelmed and can't decided whether to make arrangements for the best or the worst. I'm finally learning and proving to myself that the amount of freelance work I receive is directly related to the work I go after. In the time following my last post I have been involved with Kizmi Tea's Valentine's Day video, an amazing Boudoir Shoot with Michelle Belksy (with another one on the way). I've begun (well, B has begun) redesigning my business cards. I'm participating in a wedding show. I have four wedding trials this month and so many more to come. There have been hair lessons and blow outs and burnt fingers and hand made extensions. Coffee with amazing photographers and lunch with the three makeup artists in Toronto I admire most. Life is good and busy and hard and slightly messy but still very very good. I regret not keeping better track of it because I think that this time next year, I will want something to look back on. So here's to renewed commitment. And to my coffin; to be made of hundred year old oak, from the tree which I shall plant tomorrow. Chin chin.