I’m Ashley. I’m a Toronto based hairstylist and makeup artist. Generally, I’m sarcastic, hungry and so passionate about beauty I could get the Pope talking gloss. True story.
My philosophy behind beauty is simple. I’m attracted to making people feel like the most confident version of themselves. Whether that’s the smokiest eye, with the biggest hair and the boldest lip or a touch of mascara and a pony tail. I’m all about quality and style over quantity and trends. 
I work on commercial jobs, in fashion and with private clients. During the week you can find me at Blo creating some killer styles on the Bloor West babes that sit in my chair. I’m available for lessons, applications or just shooting the shit about the newest mascara (btw, I don’t like the vibrating ones).

You can check out my online portfolio here and my bridal website here. And if you want to get in touch, email me!
Online, I’m here to share what I’m up to, gush over things I love and converse on the deets of all things beauty.