I'm Back. This time for good.

I took an impromptu break from this blog when I left for London. I intended to update and I didn't. Then I got home and I thought I'd drop a line and it never happened. Things have been going on but I don't know... it has been a mix of feeling not excited enough about some things and downright overwhelmed by others.


Then tonight I got back from my first night at a freelancing course at Ryerson. It's directed under the journalism continuing studies certificate but is really aimed at anyone who makes their money freelancing. I can tell already I am going to love it. Within the first hour it reminded me of where I really want to be. I somehow get so sidetracked. It's so easy to see those patterns I fall into looking back and so difficult to see when it's happening. But this time... I see it. Go go gadget hindsight.

So without further adieu, I present to you my first in class assignment: A 300 word biography written in 15 minutes with the starting point of "I was born."

I was born screaming and wet, covered in goo. And, as the story goes, post McDonalds pit stop, where my father ate a Big Mac as my mum waited in the car for my arrival.

At two we moved from our coastal home in Halifax to a hotel in downtown Toronto where my father accepted a job. I ordered room service on the daily and finally got my ears pierced. It was a pretty big time in my life. We eventually settled in Scarborough where I eventually grew up. Good parents, little brother, school, friends, sado jobs with a slice of angst. Like, a big slice. The usual.

A stint in Italy, a Bachelors degree and a failed attempt at a career in art later and my life is substantially simpler today. I live in downtown Toronto with my dog Tonka. He spends the day sleeping in my bed while I put food in his bowl keeping up the hustle working in hair and makeup.

My focus is on commercial and beauty work and basically, I'm obsessed. When I'm not braiding hair, perfecting brows and finessing a red lip, I'm writing, talking and thinking about beauty. I can't get enough and I've never been happier. I have no plans to stop and while I don't know how to get to the top, my general strategy is to just keep going. If I can't out preform, I'll just outwork the competition.

Oh, and I'm no longer gooey.