Illamasqua and Mizz Worthy Art of Darkness Part One

Well friends, this is a first for me.

Illamasqua has had several contests online and everytime Mizz Worthy posts about one, I star it in my reader, tell myself I absolutely must enter, and then promptly forget until the date of submission has passed.

But not this time. I'm sneaking in right before the doors close.

Here is the first of a few submissions to the contest. The premise was to create a character that could join the cast of the Art of Darkness for dinner.

Without further adieu... Mistress Menthe.

A secret lover to Hades, Menthe is like the colour and the scent of her namesake. I've always seen mint green as a royal colour; it is rich and deep but delicate. When I began the look I picked up colours from the Art of Darkness collection; rich golds, blues and reds but through out the application I kept picking up a mint green pigment from OCC and I couldn't put it down. So I let the colour influence the character.

I have to say... I feel like a giddy teenager right now. I'm so accustom to pampering clients that I forget what makeup used to be about for me. The days when I would sit on my bedroom floor, a picture of Marilyn Manson in front of me (oh Paul Starr, you brilliant man, you. RIP), trying to emulate his makeup.... wow. That was revealing.

But boy oh boy; that was hard. Forgive the terrible lighting/ pictures. Turns out, I am definitely not meant to be a photographer. Or a model. haha. Wish me luck!

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mizzworthy said...

Hi Ashley - I'm not sure why your comment never came through on my blog, but I have your entries now! Jen x

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