Illamasqua and Mizz Worthy Art of Darkness Part Three

I'm not sure if this counts as one entry or two... because there are two faces... but only half of them count.....

So, my third and final (or perhaps third and fourth) entry to the Illamasqua and Mizz Worthy competition are the Siamese Twins.

When coming up with characters for a dinner party I immediately though that there needed to by a story teller. But I also wanted to provide a set of twins. And I couldn't decide whether the story teller should be reviled and reveled. So become the Siamese Twins; one a charlatan and the other a raconteur, neither will admit which is which and who is who. 

My fabulous roommate Dru and his wicked hot girlfriend, Heather, posed for these photos and I couldn't be more grateful to not have to take images of myself. These two are super babes.

One of my favourite books, is Geek Love. And when I saw the Art of Darkness collection, I pictured parts of this book. I won't give too much away, but I have to add, my inspiration for the characters, the siamese twins, came from this book. Even though, again, without giving too much away, the twins in Geek Love are totally different. Anyways - get the book. It's awesome.

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mizzworthy said...

Thanks for your third entry!

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