I'm turning older.

October 10th is my 25th birthday.
I intend to spend the morning eating crepes, smothered in sugar and lemon. The afternoon will be spent lounging on the couch with the bf by my side and the puppy at my feet. That evening, I will eat large quantities of Indian food with my family and kindest of friends followed by cake and an evening of wii. In hula hoop, I will be a calorie roaster. And perhaps, my roommate will let me win, even though we all know he hula hoops like a champion.
The next morning, it won’t be my birthday anymore. When asked, I will tell people that I am in my mid twenties as it will then be official. I will make decisions with consideration to the future as well as respect for the past. There will be more neutrals in my closet and less sparkle in my eyeshadow. I will no longer be able to fool myself into believing that a chocolate bar is part of any meal. I will, at long last, have to consider myself an adult. Much to my dismay.
If you have read this blog for awhile, you will notice, everything has changed. Just as everything always changes. Only this time, it’s different. I am hoping to infuse this blog, just as my life, with a little more focus and dedication.
Please keep reading. I promise there will be just as many pictures of the puppy as always.

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Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

Yeah Happy Early Birthday! I need to take you out to lunch to celebrate!

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