New Set Up

Last year at IMATS, I worked at Yaby's booth with Liz Yu, Jessica/Babetron Jean Meyers and Seema Haider and we were discussing how we carry our makeup about. At the time I was using a Betsy Johnson rolling lap top bag; which is great. Though recently, while strolling through Home Depot I found a silver case like the one that Seema said she preferred. On a whim I bought it.

And I have to say... this is what organization heaven feels like.

My concern was that it was going to be too heavy. In my excitement I purchased one without a shoulder strap - so I will definitely need to correct that in the near future. And I'll be honest, it is heavier. But I'll take a few extra poundage (trust me - I can handle it) for the ability to finally be able to work out of my case. 

I have made a few modifications. I cut out some of the holders on the brush compartment. I acquired a piece of foam for the bottom as everything moved around too much with just the adjustable pieces. And I added on some additional brush storage. But it looks great and not as ghetto as I just made it sound.

I'll give you a sneak peak, just because I'm so proud. But I'm planning a bigger kit post for after IMATS when I've fully restocked for the year. woot woot!


Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

Looks awesome girl!

Carmen said...

Really looking forward to see your full kit!

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