I know it's a little late but I was hoping to get more pictures back. Alas, my zombie muses have not provided images so I'm just going to share what I've got. And take a hint that I need to start taking more pictures through out the day... I always forget. 

My day started at Blo. The night before another blo boss and I discussed dressing up. I rarely dress up but decided to be a good sport. The next day, I was the only one in costume. And lets be clear, this is 8am... I'm covered in blood and feelin' a fool. A lady at the bank asking me if I was alright was probably the highlight of the morning.

I made our front desk girl dress as pippi. Danielle has long gorgeous hair that I fish tail braided and ran some wire through it. And those freckles? Smashbox gel liner. 

After blo I hit up a pre-work zombie party for a gaggle of girls who work at a club in Toronto as servers/bartenders. I made up over ten+ girls into sassy zombies. Well, partially clothed, over sexed, zombies. It was a blast. 

The zombie party ran late making me tardy for my final stop of the evening. And possibly the most fun. My dear dear friend dru, and two friends were going out as black metal... boys? black metal dudes? bmbff (black metal best friends forever)??? They had inspiration and tons of fun. 

btw - that graffiti appeared on the school
opposite our house the 29th of October.
Too perfect.

This picture of dru kills me.
He carried that horn around... it was sooo loud.


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