My Kit!

And here I am, Friday night. My entertaining self, chillin' at home with a puppy.

The evening began with me cleaning my kit before seeing a client tomorrow, but honestly, there is nothing I love more than playing with makeup and organising. Break out the label maker - it's going to be a wild night. 

All finished!
After IMATS I picked up some new palettes.
Some wicked new brushes.
Makeup Forever Aqua Colours.
And my fav - Yaby Liquid Foundation.

Top left: 
skin palettes.

From left to right, top to bottom.
Yaby cream foundation, yellows; Yaby powder foundations, light
Yaby concealor; Yaby PF, medium; Yaby highlight
Assorted cream colours (cinema secrets, mufe flash); Yaby PF, dark; Assorted blushes

Bottom left:
A few liners
Face Atelier liquid foundation
Assorted glues

Inside the box:
MUFE HD powder, MUFE Aqua colours, MUFE Elixir
Benefit Shellac, MAC and Smashbox liners
Loreal Voluminous

Bottom right:
Colour palettes

Left to right; top to bottom:
Assorted lipsticks, light;
Assorted lipsticks, medium; Yaby Dramatically Neutral shadows; Assorted pink-based shadows
Assorted lipsticks, dark; Yaby Pearl Paint shadows; Assorted brow and shadows

Top right:
moisturiser, nail polish remover, brush cleaner etc.
Yaby liquid foundations.
OCC Lip Tars

I'm really excited to work with the Makeup Forever Aqua Colours. I detest not being able to palette them but they are a pretty cool product. I picked up a red, pink and dark silver/grey (as well as the matching liner). I swipped them all over my hand at IMATS and kept showing Jessica exclaiming 'they really don't budge.' Which is what she had been telling me for ages.

A few people have asked me about the Yaby palettes, which I am obviously, a big fan of. To keep them clean I use makeup remover. Shocking, right? But seriously, that comes up a lot. 

I had other eyeshadow palettes but after picking up the dramatically neutral and pearl paints the others became redundant. And seriously, Yaby trumps everything in quality.

If you're looking to start a Yaby collection, my only regret is that I didn't stick to just freestyle palettes. Buddy-o Jessica did that and got 35 lippies to one palette instead of 20. The white space is pretty, but the thought of condensing my kit even more makes my heart skip a beat. 

I'm still trying out this new silver thingy. I love being able to work out of it and not needing to open things up to get to things but I hate carrying it around. I feel like a tool (haha - because it's a tool box!). Also, it doesn't fit on my bike. Chances are I'll switch it up come spring time.

By no means is this it, but this is generally what I carry around with me. When I need extras there is a space on the lid or I just throw a to-gosie in my purse.

So there it is. My kit.


Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

Looks awesome and I'm jealous and how condensed you're getting!

Emilyisasecret said...

everything is so perfectly placed!!!

Vicki Millar Makeup Artist said...

I'm seriously amazed at how organized you are! It looks amazing!

Cat said...

OOOoo I love everything! How are you liking the Yaby Cream and powder foundations? I've been debating between ben nye and yaby kits. Thanks!

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