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A little while ago I took a break from creatives and testing with photographers because frankly, it was hard! Not like math is hard where if you study and perservere it will pay off in the end. But hard like models kept showing up hours late with hickeys and the photographers were over photoshopping and I was embarrassed of the crappy work that kept getting put out with my name on it. That kind of hard. And while I'm no quitter, I'm definitely a take a break and gain perspective-er. 

I had been thinking recently that I needed to return to model work but wasn't sure how to go about it. It's very nerve wracking when you feel like your book is crap and you don't think you know anyone and everyone is better than you and oh-woe-is-me. Then last week, Michelle Belsky, a photographer I worked with almost two years ago said she was looking for a makeup artist and I jumped.

Soooo worth it. 

The model, Janel from Ford, was stunning. STUNNING, did you hear me? Hair that makes men cry, legs up to her face, professional and charming. Oh, and a year older than me. Sometimes working with 14 year olds is a challenge. Just sayin.'

I don't have all the work but here's a shot. Just to get your pallette wet and wanting a little more. 

It was dandy to break out my new Yaby Dramatically Neutral palette. I loaded her lid with the most gorgeous bronze shadows and topped it with body gloss so it looked a little greasy. I covered her in baby oil and made her skin glowly and shiny. The highlight on the shoulder absolutely kills me. 

That night I made a million notes on all the things I wanted to do and all the looks that needed to be tried. It's so grand to feel motivated and inspired again. Working with clients and women that aren't models is amazing, and the reason I love hair and makeup. But fashion and models and beauty work... it's just so different.


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