My nail polish collection

I have very limited storage. In fact, I have 1.5 bookshelves in my room that serve as basically the only storage I have. And they are kinda full of a whole lotta' books. 

A few years ago I decided to colour code my books instead of trying to decide on genres etc. This way, whenever I get a new book, if it doesn't fit, I have to get rid of a book. That's the rule. Though I see that rule changing in the near future as I recently acquired two orange books that I'm forcing onto that shelf come hell or high water.

I digress.

The nail polish found its way onto my book shelf so that I could see it and is always organised by colour. Here are a few shelves. I realised I skipped the white, grey and black shelves. C'est la vie. I received two fantastic gifts from my parents and awesome Heather of nail polish this past Christmas and I'll have to show them off in a separate post. Sephora by OPI from the 'rents and Barry M (all the way from England!!!) from Heather. 

Anyway, enjoy! 

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