Illamasqua S/S 2011

After ignoring my google reader for too long, I finally perused through only to discover Illamasqua's Spring/Summer Collection, Toxic Nature.

It is unlike anything I've seen before from the line. Though their promotional images are always impeccable, it can be difficult to connect with some of the imagery because it so unlike how people wear makeup. This collection is different and somehow the same as previous seasons.

Toxic Nature is immediately more accessible because of the colours. The pinks and peaches are approachable and easily worked into anyone's existing makeup bag. The eyebrows, lashes and liner are a nod to shapes from the 20's and the 60's.

The highlights and overdrawn features are the defining element of what I have come to expect and love from the brand.

Enjoy below! I'm over the moon knowing I'll be in London to check out Illamasqua at their new flagship store in less than two weeks!

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