Mereadesso - Face and Neck Toning Gel

A few weeks ago I found myself at my very first gifting lounge at the Stylus Awards. To be clear, I was working, but it was a gifting lounge none the less. While there, I was introduced to Mereadesso, a skin care line that boasts 'one step, one product, for every woman.' In the spirit of a one step process, even the company's name, which translates to Mother Now, is a nod to the time crunched mum who created it.

Linda Stephenson, the creator of Mereadesso, a chemist from U of T and a 22 year veteran of the beauty industry (MAC and Estee Lauder). But looking at her skin, you would have to assume she started working at the age of six. Nothing is a better business card for Mereadesso than Linda herself. Besides her flawless skin, this lady knows her stuff and doesn't hesitate to talk about it.

Let's be real, guys. When someone starts talking to me about their new miracle cream my brain shuts off and my eyes start to roll. I've worked in cosmetics and I know the reality between what is said and how it works. I am a skeptic.

So let's get this out of the way right now - Mereadesso is different. Within three minutes of meeting Linda, I knew I had to have the Face and Neck Toning Gel.

The Mereadesso girls told me about the globally sourced ingredients. The botanicals. The antioxidants. They promised me a 'wow' in 5-10 uses. I expected to like it but, again with the eye roll. I'm young. I take care of my skin. You know I'm not one for bragging... but I don't need that much 'work!'

Five days later? Yeah. That's a wow.

Pores? Tighter. Makeup? Lasts longer. Redness? Neutralized.

Just before I started using Mereadesso, I thought I had reached my personal pinnacle of skin perfection. I was wrong. I have never liked my skin as much as I do now.

Things I love most?
- Check out the ingredients list. The chorophyl is not to knock you out. It's to knock out redness. True story.
- I pump in a bit of my Anna Sui foundation for the sweetest, lightest and longest lasting tinted moisturiser. EVER.
- My skin feels tighter. And somehow, younger. I keep touching it to see if it's dry but it's not. It's kinda perfect.
- I'm so thrilled that Mereadesso is now replacing MUFE's elixir and Embryolisse in my makeup kit.

And lets not even talk about how cute their videos are!