At least her hair looks good.

Lets hold out on my opinions about Country Strong for a quick sec.

Her hair... it looks great. I'm gonna guess she's got extensions in her hair and I love how great they blend. Pony tails, while they look low-maintenance and quick can sometimes be harder than expected. The shape is great and the curls look good. It can be a big pain when trying to blend extensions into real hair in a pony tail to stop those shorter pieces from curling strangely. 

And that is why I managed to watch this video for 27 seconds. It was over after that.

Now for my opinion. Ok, rant.

Two weeks ago Heather and I went to see Burlesque. A preview for Gwenyth Paltrow's new movie, Country Strong, came on and I screamed. Well, I whisper-screamed. And when I got over my shock here is the exchange of words between Heather and I:

Me: "That is the worst casting for a role I have ever seen."
Heather: "Who do you think would be better?"
Me. "I would. I would be better. Or maybe Tonka. Tonka would be a more believable country singer than Gwenyth Paltrow."

For reference, Tonka:

Here's the thing. I pretty much love country music. Loretta Lynn, as previously discussed, is my hero. But I just don't know about this movie. Will we every be able to separate Gwenyth-GOOP-Paltrow from the decent-ish actress she can be?

I won't be lining up on opening night. I'll wait to see what the critics have to say.


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