Makeup Movie Monday - Kanye West

I'll admit it. I'm not up to date on all things Kanye. I don't dislike him or his music, I just don't pay attention.  I had heard this video was coming out and I kept seeing the shorter, music video version with subtitles at the gym. Last weekend Gala posted this on her blog and lying in bed on Sunday morning, I expected to turn it off. Ten minutes later I told myself I would get up to shower. Thirty minutes into the movie and I conceded. I stayed for four more minutes and finished the video.

Now it's your turn. Shut off the world for thirty minutes and check it out. Sans interruptions, qui?

Visually, there are parts I really love. The birds eye makeup is beautiful  and the way her hair is styled with the colour dusted over it tugs at my heart. I love the texture created in pulling her hair back which has the potential to be severe or unnecessarily clean. This however, is beautiful.


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