My most important client yet.

Two weeks before Christmas I had, to date, my most important client yet. Here's the thing. I tell everyone that. But it's not all fooey. I treat everyone like their are the most important too. 

But this was different. This client was my mum.

I don't know that I've said too much about my mum on this blog, but let me give you a bit of a rundown on who she is and what she's about. 

For one, she's the best. She is kind and giving and tough and challenging. She expects more from me than anyone else but believes in me like no one else can. Two: If I do anything good with my life, it will be because of her. 

The reason for her photoshoot is that she is starting a project, that I'll detail another day, and I figured she should have some great head shots to accompany said project. My fantastic friend and photographer, Carla Silva took the photos and we had a blast. She's so amazing at directing people who aren't used to being infront of a camera. I'm really excited to see the finished photos. 

One of the reasons that I am doing makeup today is because of my mum. This isn't the 'I used to watch my mum apply lipstick blah blah' story because she's never been much of a makeup lover. But after I finished art school and felt hopeless and lost and stupid for not doing makeup five years earlier, she encouraged me, and made sure whenever I sucked (which was often. seriously, I was BAD when I started doing makeup) I kept going. She was never one for blind encouragement. My mum still holds me accountable for getting the things I want in life. 

As she sat in front of me on that day, and I was blow drying her hair, I kept thinking of Billy Collin's poem, Lanyard. There is so much thanks, love and overwhelming debt that I want to express to both my parents but there is never a way to make it... big enough. Watch the video below, look up the poem; Billy Collins says it better than I can.

Side note: Also, my mum is a babe. She just is. But following the crashing of my computer, none of my pictures are on my hard drive. So uh, this is all I've got. But trust me, she's not always blurry. Or far away.

What I do have, are pictures of her cat, Eleanor Rigby. She hates me because I always try to play Lion King with her. 



Anonymous said...

ashley you are a marvel.

Carolyn said...

that was from me. I will teach your mom how to post on your blog now...

Siân Elizabeth-Anne said...

So I'm not the only one to hold my cat in the air and sing "IT'S THE CIRCCCLLLEEE OOFFF LLLIIIFFFEEE" at the top of my lungs? Excellent.

Also, hoorah for mums! <3

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