Review - Body Shop Nail Polish

It's always easy to tell when I REALLY love a nail polish. I wear it on it's own. As in, only one shade on my nails at a time. Take a look at my past nail photos - I obviously have colour-commitment issues.

Just before Christmas, following drinks and too much laughing, B's friend Adrianna pushed a bag full o' Body Shop products into my hand as I was walking out her door. She is way too sweet and is to thank for an upcoming giveaway (which, sidenote, I'm totes excited about! Check back the third week of January for my first giveaway!!!!). In that bag were two nail polishes; a light sparkle pink and a sparkle black. 

I opted to try the black first. Starry Night, here I come.

First thing I noticed, as this is my first nail polish by the Body Shop, it has a great consistency. I like nail polishes just a touch thicker. One of the reasons I can't get on board with China Glaze nail polish is that it's far too runny. The Body Shop polish on the other hand has good stick. It dries super fast and before the top coat was even on, I was in the kitchen chopping and preparing dinner. Right after the top coat was dry I was back in the kitchen cleaning up. So far, no dents and no smudges. I'm impressed. I may paint my nails a ton but I'm relentlessly impatient. This stuff is great for quick dry (which typically dents hours after it should be long dry).

Their website promises four days chip free which frankly, I think is silly. Lifestyle contributes more to a perfect manicure than great polish. I'm open to being proved wrong, but doing hair and makeup, washing my hands the way I do, I never time frame my mani's. Let it dry and hope for the best is the way I roll.

Anyways, check out the photos below. I used an actual camera today! No photobooth!

Oh gosh. I'm cringing looking at pictures of my hands.
Excuse the rough shape my hands and nails are in.
The cold weather and constant washing have taken their toll. 
It's time for mittens and hand lotion. Stat.

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