I love Sundays. And organising.

I have been working less Sundays recently... not quite sure how that happened but I'm enjoying it all the same. Now that all the craziness at my house is over and done with (for now) I'm actually able to appreciate these Sundays off. Which has perfectly coincided with the beautiful Toronto weather.

This morning started off sweet and slow with a spot of brunch with the Mister. Followed by a big ol' waffle cone filled with a giant scoop of chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Nothing is better than chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Nothing. K?

My favourite gal, Heather, and I had plans to check out cross stitch supplies for a blossoming new hobby but once we set foot in the local Michaels, my mind wandered elsewhere.

Here's the thing... I love love love organising. That is not to say I am always organised, but please know, my intentions are good. Whenever I get to a Michaels (which is seldom) I head to the little bins that hold little things and think of ways to fill them with the little things I have. Which is often makeup or hair related. The scrapbook section always has the nicest looking little thing holders!

Today I picked up a little acrylic box with little acrylic jars in it that is meant to hold beads. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had found my loose colours a new home.

Here's the other thing... loose pigments, though I love them, never join me on jobs because they make such a terrible mess. Without fail, one lid will be loose and the next time I open my kit, everything is green. Or gold. Or some other form of way too shiny. I only take them on specific creatives and I generally keep them in a closed bag, in a plastic bag, in my purse. Far far away from the trappings of my kit.

But now... they have a home.


Yes. I have four different shades of white. And no. For some reason, I have zero purples. There are five more spaces that will be full or purples/ blacks. Realistically, the jars are the same (just smaller) as the OCC jars. But it's the box that they are contained it which holds the magic. Because now when I absent mindedly screw a lid on without ensuring it is tight, the rectangular box lid won't close. And if it does, it will hold the exploded colour within it. No green kit. 

Oh yeah. Then Heather and I got pretzels.


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