Shellac Attack

A few months ago my mum and I decided to give Shellac a try. We headed to Luxe in Yorkville for the most expensive and stellar manicure of my life. 

And now I am unfortunately hooked.

The manicure itself at Luxe is fantastic. They boast a waterless treatment that saves the nails from the damage of soaking in water. Using Love Fresh products that smell and feel wonderful, I experienced none of the complaints that I've had with Love Fresh in the past (greasy and colour staining) which makes me think that I've just come across bad batches of the stuff. My manicurist was truly gentle and made my cuticles and skin look great for weeks. Normally I find manicurist's can get carried away with the cuticle trim and then two days later my hands are red and peeling. Not so cute. Not to mention how quiet Luxe is. Lets be honest; I spend all day talking to clients. When I am one, it's my time to just keep quiet and turn my brain off. I appreciate when someone allows me to do that. 

Here's the DL on Shellac. It's a UV cured nail polish. Applied only in salons. And the big deal - it lasts two weeks. As in, it stays on your nails. Your nails don't become weak. And it doesn't chip, nick or scratch off. Oh yeah... and as soon as it's cured (which takes like... thirty seconds!) it's dry. Like super hard dry. Like stick your hand in purse to get your wallet dry. Like do the dishes that night dry. Not that I would know about that last one....

The downside, and the reason I consider myself unfortunately hooked, is the cost. I'm not a regular manicure type of girl. I do way more mani's at home and I do a decent job. But Shellac is only available in salon which makes it cost more. 

The second time I had shellac on my nails was a week ago (and it's still just as glossy and beautiful as it is in the pictures) was at a salon in Scarborough and only cost $35. The didn't even charge me for the reverse french mani! Woot woot Scarborough!!!

So go do it? K?


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