Long train rides and pushing old ladies to get a seat

I'm not saying I've done it... I'm just saying I could understand how you sink to that level.....

I've been taking the subway from all the way in the East end to all the way in West end for two weeks now and I gotta be honest; long subway rides spent standing with a very full lap top bag can bring out the worst in people. Like the shovey, aggressive, intolerant worst. It's not that I've knocked down an old lady per say... it's just that I think if I'm forced to stand the entire way there again, it could happen. So don't judge me? K?

However, I've had a streak of luck this week as last night and this morning, sans shoving, I actually managed to snag a seat. Though I thought that would greatly improve my day, in reality, it's been the stellar magazines accompanying me on these long rides that has truly lifted my spirits.

Exhibit A:

A/W 2011 IN BEAUTY - My semi-annually magazine love. At $50/pop it's a good thing they oly come out twice a year because I'll be honest - I would buy 10 copies a year if they were there. This is the it magazine for all things hair and makeup. Next time you see it - grab it! It's a limited yet very popular magazine. Just make sure I've already got mine before you go taking the last one. K?

Enjoy my shots below!


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