blo hearts parties part two

A few weeks ago I posted about a party taking place at work last weekend. It took place last Saturday after the IMATS. Oh lord. What a day.

The Thursday before the party I got to work to find the entire sidewalk ripped up. In August we got a letter telling us that there would be road work in September. I guess it was delayed a little while.... 

I never expected to have such a great time. It was so fun to dress up and see all the other blo girls dressed up. Ronnie, Euni and I did dry styles for awhile. We drank. We shook hands. There were air kisses and raffle tickets. 

My friends and roommates came which was so awesome. We had all worked so hard to pull that party together and it was so amazing to share that with my friends. I know they definitely have other things to do on Saturday nights so it was really nice that they came.

Here are a few snaps from my camera. The professional pictures are obviously much better but those won't be up for another few days.

This is Cristina!
She's a babe.
She's another blo boss.

My darling English friend, Allen.
Yes, he always looks this impressed.

And Sir Dru.
Roommate Extraordinaire.

The Heathers.
I love these ladies.
I teased both of their hair to the heavens. 
Big hair always wins.


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