Just can't get enough.

Of Halloween that is.

While scoping the ol' f-book this week the bf and I came across a website called Clubbing Republic. To sum it up, those people that take approximately 1 million photos every night at clubs across Toronto, then post their photos online for the world to see. Well, the world or the very people who are in the photos.  Bf and I are stay-at-home-rent-movie-make-dinner-types so the world of clubs are very very new/strange to us. We had a good laugh at all the ways girls have found to make costumes slutty on Halloween. Ie. Slutty Chilean miner. Slutty Swat Team. Slutty camo/army girl.

Anywhoo, what sparked my initial f-book hunt was to find the zombie girls I made over for This Is London on Oct. 30th. Here are the results. 

I only made over Randi. The blonde.
She and I both work at Blo during the week.
And lord love her for pulling off that Madonna bra.

I did the cops makeup. Not the blonde's.
Cannot for the life of my recall her name! 

I did both of these girls makeup.
Only a few went for the full zombie face.
The rest just did the ever present smokey eye
and some gorey cuts/bruises.

For the face makeup I used Ben Nye Character Cream Base as well as their coagulated and stage blood. I also busted out my trusty MUFE Flash Palette. I topped with a fine dusting of powder and finished with the MUFE Fix It. I also used the Fix It for those black metal boys. The stuff is like face glue. I L-O-V-E it. The lips were all OCC Lip Tars. I outlined all the lips with the black and filled them in with a variety of colours, depending on the girl. At the apartment, it meant that the girls looked like they had terrible liner but before they got to work the lips had blended and they had a dynamic lip colour with rich colour in the middle that transitioned to black. Wish I had a close up. Either way, give it a shot. It's a good look. 


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