I finally have a moment after an unbelievably crazy weekend.

Saturday morning I met my first client at 6am. She was entering a body building competition (her first) and was an absolutely fantastic client. I had a lot of fun with her. 

Jessica met me just after 7am and we were off. I was giddy. I am always excited for IMATS. This was my fourth (or fifth?) in as many years (I'm counting the years when Toronto hosted the Makeup Show and not the IMATS). It's so nice to see people doing what you want to do. To reconnect with friends. And really, to just talk about makeup for two entire days and not having any give me grief about it!

This year Jess, Mary and I helped out Liz at Yaby. Liz is always so much fun. The conversation has a tendency to turn towards the racy but its always entertaining. Hence the saucy cucumber photos. 

It is not often that I get to be taller than someone.

Jessica bought me this awesome scarf on her recent trip to Paris
And I turned it into a turban. 
Because frankly, I look great in turbans.

Again with the inappropriateness.
Liz and Jess getting a little too close.

The biggest bummer about working the show is that I miss all the presentations. I walked by while Enkore was presenting on the side stage. I really like his demeanor. And we were so close to the main stage that we heard all of Kandy Johnson's appearance. Which was... nuts. There were so many people there to see her. The line up for her signing was so long. And she is a trooper. Very pregnant, she sat and signed every single autograph that was requested of her. 

This year was so different from past shows. Saturday saw a very obvious presence of beauty bloggers. Everyone had a camera, a video camera and there was a lot of chatter about who recommended what on which youtube channel/blog. It's a strange shift for me. Definitely makes me feel a little older and little out of touch.

But one consistency that exists year after year... holy bad makeup batman! What is with all the makeup enthusiasts with TERRIBLE makeup. Terrible. T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. Am I making this clear enough? Year after year, Jessica and I remark to one another how a little bit of blending can go so far. Friends. Let me offer you an everlasting piece of makeup advice. If you are ever unsure about the look you're trying out, blend. Then blend some more. Then for good measure, a little more.

There were some new faces at the show. MAC PRO wasn't there last year and had a booth just for the purpose of signing people up for their pro card... which I think is... kinda icky. They used to have an entire booth at the Makeup Show and their products were pro discounted but now they just buy the space so they can present. Like I said, ick.

Stila was there. Which was cool because Sephora doesn't honour pro discounts. But they are doing some really strange things. Their makeup case/ video player is so gimmicky. They have a lot of products that rely on clever marketing that overshadow their fantastic products like their lip stain, liquid luminizer and convertible colours. 

I'll finish off the week with a new post about my kit so you can see all the rad things I picked up.



Siân Elizabeth-Anne said...

You DO look fantastic with a turban.

Emilyisasecret said...

this looks so much fun!

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

Umm please send me the pics you took...esp the one w/ Liz grabbing my boob! Hilarious!

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ashley.readings said...

Sorry Makeup advice,

Are you implying that my tips are not researched?

Not cool insulting me and then linking to a product for people to buy. Lame-o.

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